The following links are a collection of resources the Chief Sealth PTSA has gathered over the years for students and the Sealth community. For more details, please refer to the district website or ask Sealth teachers and staff for additional information.

Chief Sealth International High School:

Generalized High School Supply List:

Please check with the student's teachers for specific supplies necessary.

Most Used Items: pencils, pens, lined paper, composition books, USB flash drive, folder and/or a binder to organize papers, subject dividers, 1 notebook per subject.

For PE: t-shirts, athletic shorts or pants, running / athletic shoes with socks.

Recommended Items: 

Graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus)*, sharpies, highlighters, colored pencils, graph paper, erasers.

*Note: The GRAPHING CALCULATOR is highly recommended. It is about $100 and worth the investment, because students will have it for four years of high school, and will use it often in mathematics and science courses. We have some graphing calculators to use at school, but not enough for everyone. It is extremely helpful to have it at home.

Seattle Public Schools:

PTSA and Community Resources:


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