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Volunteer for the Executive Board:

The list of needs a volunteer can fill is endless and the special talents of volunteers cannot be purchased. Every community has available talent and resources that will benefit the PTA and, in turn, the students. People will be more supportive of public education when asked to share some of their time as volunteers. A volunteer can be many things: a role model for students, an extra pair of hands to help teachers or staff, and a liaison between the school and community.  Volunteers can be executive board members, or fill additional positions such as legislative chair, BLT, outreach, support of students in need, auction and other fundraising or simply be available as needed for PTSA activities. 

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Outline of Executive Board Positions for Chief Sealth International (CSI) HS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and Requirements by State and National PTA organizations.

All CSI PTSA Board positions require the following;

·        Join CSI PTSA and pay membership free ( scholarships available for those in need)

·        Attend one Board Meeting per month during the year, July – June. 

·        Attend four General Meetings per year

·        Attend at least one WA State PTA training per board member, per year. (Many trainings available virtually)

President  & or Co Presidents                         Term:  2 years

·        Plan board meeting agendas and logistics

·        Plan general meeting agendas and logistics

·        Lead board and general meetings

·        Sign checks, documents and contracts  (Check signatory approval requires in-person registration at Bank of America)

Time commitment:  2 to 8 hours per Month depending on time of year, including meeting time.

Can be divided between two co-presidents. 

Reference:  Official Present/Vice President Washington State PTA Handbook- President-Handbook-2019-20-FINAL%20(1).pdf

Vice President           Term:  2 years

·        Work with the President and other board members to distribute email communications and other correspondence as it pertains to our CSI community.

·        Add members to GOOGLE groups to receive communication from CSI PTSA Gmail Acct

·        Run meetings in absence of President and/or Co-President. 

·        Support varying committees (e.g., Communications Chair, Fundraising, Teacher Appreciation).

·        Schedule/ensure PTSA representative at school functions (e.g., Multicultural Night, CSI Open Houses). 

·        Signatory on checking account.   (Signatory approval requires in-person registration at Bank of America)

 Time Commitment:  2 to 6 hours per Month depending on time of year, including meeting time. 

Treasurer (s)                         Term:  2 years   (This position can be held by co-Treasures)

·        Manage the budget and allocations to different programs. 

·        Pay bills, including writing and signing checks.   Two board members must sign each check.  (Check signatories must register in-person at Bank of America). 

·        Deposit checks payable to PTSA.

·        Track income and expenses in (online) Money Minder accounting software.

·        Pick up mail at school 2-4 times a month to ensure prompt deposit of checks, payment of bills, and forwarding of membership applications received by mail. 

·        Prior to each Board meeting, reconcile Money Minder to the bank statement, run the Treasurer’s report, and present the report and budget at meetings.

·        In October of each year, process the Washington State Annual report and the Federal 990-N postcard. 

·        Provide tax-receipts to donors contributing over $25 in donations. 

         Help set up and process the annual auction proceeds and run CC billing.  

         Over see at least one financial review a year to be in compliance with WA State PTA standing rules.

Time Commitment:  2 to 6 hours per month depending on time of year, including meeting time. 

Position can be divided between two co-treasurers, e.g., One handles mail, deposits and communications, and the other handles the bill payments, bank reconciliations, and reporting. 

Reference:  Official WA ST PTA Handbook 2020-2021-Treasurer-Handbook.pdf

Membership                       Term:  2 years

·        Work with board to recruit new membership and maintain current members.

·        Input new members into the Membership Planet Software.

Time commitment in fall (new members joining):  ~5 hours per month, including meeting time. 

Time commitment after members have signed up: ~2 hour per month, including meeting time. 

 Reference:  Official WA ST PTA

All PT(S)A must meet these requirements:

Who Can Be a Volunteer?

Working parents, stay-at-home parents, young adults, grandparents–basically anyone can be an invaluable PTA volunteer. The volunteer does not have to be a college graduate and can be young or middle-aged, work outside the home or within the home, or be retired.

What Skills Are Required?

While there is always a need for those with expertise in a given area such as communications, marketing, social media, legislation, etc., any volunteer with a desire to learn new skills who is willing to actively participate and follow through is welcome to submit an application.

Why Do People Volunteer?

Most people will volunteer because they have specifically been asked. And, of course, many will volunteer for fun and socialization.

In addition, many people volunteer with PTA to:

·        Feel needed

·        Learn something new

·        Explore a career

·        Get to know a community

·        Help someone

·        Gain a skill

·        Test themselves

·        Become an “insider”

·        Test leadership skills

·        Have a sense of purpose

·        Keep busy

·        Feel good

·        Have an impact

·        Be part of a team

·        Make new friends

·        Share a skill/talent

·        Gain status

·        Demonstrate commitment to a cause

·        Do one’s duty

·        Keep skills alive

·        Fill a gap

·        Have an excuse to do something they love

·        See that resources are well allocated

·        Be a watchdog

·        Because there is no one else to do it

·        Have an alternative to giving money

·        Take Action, It’s Time to Get Involved

Whatever your reasons for wanting to volunteer, we welcome any member to apply for an executive board or committee position, with the CSI PTSA.  

We welcome you.           We NEED you.       We promise you will have fun.

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