Meeting Schedules


Chief Sealth PTSA Meetings for 2019-2020

Meetings are typically on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month.


Board Meetings, 7pm, Location tbd                       General Meetings, 7pm, Confucius Center Classroom


Sept. 11th, Katherine Machel’s House                    Sept. 18th, Confucius Center


Oct. 8th, Katherine Machel’s home                           Oct. – No meeting, please attend the Sealth Open House                                                                                                                               Curriculum night on Thursday Oct. 10th


Nov. 12th, Bonnite House                                Nov. 21h, Auditorium,                                                                                subject: Screenagers, The Next ChapterMovie


Dec. 10th, 7:00pm                                                               Dec. 17th, WinterSocial   Great Am Dinner                                                                         Cancelled

 Jan. 14th, TBD                                                                Jan.  21st Confucius Ctr,                                                                                       Subject I B Program


Feb. 11th, TBD                                                               Feb. NO Meeting due to                                                                                           Mid-Winter break

March 10th, TBD                                 March 17th,                                                                                                   Possible move to Wed. 18th due to St. Patrick’s Day

April 14th, TBD (may move due to Spg Brk               April 21st, Confucius Ctr,                                                                                            Subject TBD

May 12th, TBD                                                                May19th, Confucius Ctr, Next Yrs Budget and officers discussion


June 2nd, TBD (moved for                                            June 9th, Confucius Ctr, Elections and Budget Approval (moved up for end of school year conflicts)                                      end of school year conflicts)