Help Sealth New CrowdFunding Links-

Tis the season for giving!  Please help our Chief Sealth International students and their families.

There are many ways to help CSI, please consider giving to one or both of these important crowd funding campaigns below.  Please share these links with your friends and family that would also be able to support our CSI community.

CSI PTSA General Fund-

We are not able to hold our annual auction.  Help us replenish our annual PTSA budget to provide need essentials for our students.


Gift Cards for Sealth Families

This campaign will help our CSI families that are in need of basic supports, many for the first time. If you are able, we would appreciate your donation.

Another way to help Sealth is by using our Amazon link for all of your Amazon Cyber Monday shopping!  We get a greater percentage of your sales by entering the site through the link below:   Bookmark it and help all year by doing your usual shopping.

Or just enter the site through the link on our CSI PTSA web site:

Thank you Sealth supporters!  We appreciate every one of you.  Wishing you all the best through the holidays and cheers to a less chaotic 2021!


Bonnie Gilbert & Harriette Kilham-Thrash, Interim Co-Presidents

Nicole Sipila, Interim Vice President

Katherine Mache & Michelle Gaither, Interim Co-Treasurers

Susan Defant, Secretary, Elect

Betsy Duncan, Interim Membership Chair

Danielle Slota, Co-Communications Chair

Michelle Mc Breen, Member at Large

Breanna Whited, Staff & Teacher Representative, Elect

Welcome to CSI PTSA 2020-21

Next General Meeting via Zoom, some time in Jan. of 2021, stay tuned for more details.

Oct. General Membership Meeting Cancelled

We’ve cancelled our General Membership Meeting for Tuesday, Oct. 16th. Please join us, along with our sister school Denny International Middle School on Thursday, Oct. 18th, 6:30 in the Denny/Sealth Auditorium for a screening of the movie Angst!

Special screening of Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety
October 18th Denny/Sealth Auditorium 6:30 – 8:00
Join Denny International Middle School for a special screening of Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety, a film created to break the stigma around anxiety and open up the conversation around mental health.
Film makers believe there is power in watching as a community; power to change and permission to talk about it. The fifty-three minute film will be followed by a moderated discussion with mental health and school professionals.
This film will be sub-titled in Spanish. Appropriate for ages 10+. Childcare will be provided for children 4 to 10 years old.

Proyección especial de Angst: concientización sobre la ansiedad
18 de octubre Denny / Sealth Autotorium 6:30 – 8:00
Únete a Denny International Middle School para una proyección especial de Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety, una película creada para romper el estigma en torno a la ansiedad y abrir la conversación sobre la salud mental.
Los cineastas creen que hay poder para mirar como una comunidad; poder para cambiar y permiso para hablar de eso. La película de cincuenta y tres minutos será seguida por una discusión moderada con profesionales de la salud mental y la escuela.
Esta película estará subtitulada en español. Apropiado para mayores de 10 años. Se proveerá cuidado de niños para niños menores de 10 años.


8/31 First CSI Football Game! Come Cheer your Seahawks!

Come help kick of the Fall Sports Season with a great turnout.  Mark your calendars for Friday, Aug. 31st, 7pm.  It’s Chief Sealth vs. Kennedy at the SW Athletic Complex.

See you there!


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GiveBig for Sealth! Wed., May, 9th!

It’s almost time!                                                    

Seattle GiveBig is Wednesday, May 9th!  Chief Sealth International High School Can Use your donation! Please go here—> to give on Wednesday: 
Here are some FAQ:

Who can donate to GiveBIG?

There are no donor restrictions. Anyone with a valid credit card or bank account is eligible to donate to an organization participating in GIVEBIG 2018.

Can I donate anonymously? 

Yes. On the donation form, select “yes” when asked if you want your donation to be anonymous. Selecting “yes” means that the nonprofit organization will NOT receive your name or contact information, nor will they be able to acknowledge your gift.

Can I make a gift “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” someone?

Yes, you’ll have the option to designate your gift as “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” someone when you’re adding the gift to your cart and that information will be shared with the nonprofit.

Can I give to multiple organizations in just one transaction?

Yes! has a giving cart feature, allowing you to donate to multiple organizations in a single transaction. Simply click the “add more nonprofits” button! When you’re finished adding donations, click “checkout”.

What is Early Giving?

Early Giving allows donors the ability to schedule an online donation that processes on May 9.  To schedule a donation, a donor needs to create a simple account on The donor will receive a confirmation email receipt upon submitting the form and will receive a receipt when the donation processes early in the morning of May 9.

When is Early Giving?

Early Giving runs from 12:01am April 26 – 11:59pm May 8.  During this time, any donor can schedule a donation that will process early in the morning of May 9.

Why do I need to create an account?

Donors who wish to participate in Early Giving must create a simple account. The donor will receive a confirmation email upon submitting the form, but the donation will not be processed until May 9. The donor will receive a receipt confirming once the gift has successfully processed on May 9.

Why wasn’t my credit card charged right away for Early Giving?

All scheduled gifts made during Early Giving are processed early in the morning of May 9, 2018. Early Giving is an opportunity for those not able to make a donation on May 9 to participate in GIVEBIG 2018. To ensure that the gift counts toward the total of the 24 hour GIVEBIG time period, we hold off charging donors until that time.

Dollars for Change

What is Dollars for Change?

Dollars for Change is a donor-driven effort that will award $250,000 to participating King County nonprofits. Using a computer-generated selection process, donors will be chosen to have their contribution to an organization generously boosted with a $2,500 award. These Dollars for Change awards will be made to King County-based organizations across Seattle Foundation’s Healthy Community Framework and across budget size. Dollars for Change will benefit nonprofits of all sizes, but will place a greater emphasis on small- and mid-sized organizations. This structure aims to bring greater equity in the distribution of these additional dollars.

How does Dollars for Change work?

Multiple GIVEBIG donors will be chosen every hour over a 12-hour period, starting at 8 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, May 9. The selected donor’s gift will be leveraged and the GIVEBIG nonprofit they contributed to will receive an additional $2,500 award through Dollars for Change. Donations made up to that point that meet the criteria, including gifts made during the pre-giving period of April 26 – May 8, will be eligible to be selected for Dollars for Change. Unfortunately, as this is a King County event, nonprofits outside of King County are not eligible for Dollars for Change.

The participating organizations will be selected based on several criteria, including that they work within one of the eight elements Seattle Foundation’s Healthy Community Framework: basic needs, economic opportunity, health and wellness, education, environment, arts and culture, vibrant communities and global giving. Learn more about the Healthy Community Framework.

Awards will be given across the following five organization budget categories: $0 – $250,000; $250,000 – $500,000; $500,000 – $750,000; $750,000 – $2.5 million; and more than $2.5 million.

How will I be notified if my donation was selected for Dollars for Change?  

Seattle Foundation staff will email you and the nonprofit.

Payment and Receipts

What methods of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted. An echeck (electronic check) option is also available, requiring you to enter your banking account information. It is not possible to make a mail in a check or make a credit card contribution on an individual organization’s website.

How will donations appear on my credit card statement?

Your statement will show “GIVEBIG SEATTLE FDN” for this transaction.

Are credit card and eCheck donations subject to a fee?

Yes. Credit card donations are subject to a fee of 4.6%.

Seattle Foundation does not receive a percentage of online donations nor do we receive any income from credit card or eCheck transactions. Seattle Foundation presents GIVEBIG as a service to nonprofit organizations and the greater community.

Can I help cover the credit card and eCheck processing fee?

Yes. When making a donation, you will be asked if you would like to add 4.6% to help offset the cost of processing the donation. If you select “YES,” your donation amount will be increased by 4.6% for both credit card and eCheck* donations.
*If a donation is made by eCheck, and you select “YES” to cover the fees, the donation amount will be increased by 4.6% (even though it is not subject to a credit card processing fee). Due to current technology limitations, we can only offer one percentage amount to cover fees. Any remaining funds will be distributed to nonprofits upon disbursement.

Is there a minimum donation amount? Is there a maximum donation amount?

The minimum donation amount is $10. There is no maximum donation amount.

Why do I need to create an account?

Donors who wish to participate in Early Giving must create an account.  The account temporarily stores your scheduled payment information in order to give our team the ability to process the payment on May 9.  The donor will receive a confirmation email upon submitting the form with the account information.  The credit card will not be processed until shortly after midnight on May 9.

Why wasn’t my credit card charged right away for Early Giving?

All scheduled gifts made during Early Giving are processed in the early morning of May 9, 2018. Early Giving is an opportunity for those not able to make a donation on May 9 to participate in GIVEBIG 2018. To ensure that the gift counts toward the total of the 24 hour GIVEBIG time period, we hold off charging donors until that time.

Is there a minimum donation amount? Is there a maximum donation amount?

The minimum donation amount is $10. There is no maximum donation amount.

Are donations tax deductible?

All donations made through GIVEBIG are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. If you offered to help cover the fees, the entire amount (donation plus processing fee) is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

All individuals who donate through GIVEBIG on May 9 will receive a tax receipt via email immediately after they make their donation. If you schedule a donation, you will receive an email confirmation immediately after scheduling the donation and a tax receipt via email on May 9 after the donation has been processed. The receipt will be sent to you at the email address you register with. Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes.


Matching Funds

An organization reports having matching funds. What does that mean?

A matching fund is a donation an organization solicited and obtained independently beforehand in order to boost their GIVEBIG participation. If an organization reports having a matching fund, that means that all donations made to that organization up to the amount of the matching fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Donors do not need to do anything additional to activate the match, beyond making their donation. Please note Seattle Foundation does not validate the existence or source of matching funds. This is the sole responsibility of the nonprofit organization. If you have questions about specific matching funds, please contact the nonprofit directly.

My company offers an employer matching program. How do I make sure my donation is matched with this program?

If your company offers employer matching contributions, you can indicate this on the donation form using the drop down menu of companies. It is up to you to complete your company’s regular employer match process after you make your donation. We gather this information only for our reporting purposes; Seattle Foundation does not request the matching contribution from employers.

What if I can’t find the organization I am looking for on the GIVEBIG website?

You can search for organizations by name, zip code, and element. If you can’t find the organization you are looking for on the GIVEBIG website, it is most likely that the organization did not register and is not participating in GIVEBIG this year.

Seattle Foundation and CiviCore

Who is Seattle Foundation? 

Seattle Foundation ignites powerful, rewarding philanthropy to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. Focused on creating equity and opportunity, our goal as a community foundation is to simplify giving and strengthen the impact of philanthropy for the more than 1,200 individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits we serve.  We provide deep community insights, powerful civic leadership, effective philanthropic advising and judicious stewardship of assets in support of our mission.  In addition, Seattle Foundation annually presents GIVEBIG, a 24-hour online giving event to raise funds for area nonprofit organizations.  Learn more at

Who is CiviCore?

CiviCore is GIVEBIG 2018’s technology partner. For almost a decade, CiviCore’s platform has helped to raise over $200 million for some of the largest giving days in the country, including “Colorado Gives” in December 2017, resulting in $36.6M raised for charity. CiviCore has also celebrated recent giving day successes in New Orleans, LA, Austin, Texas; Phoenix, AZ, and many other cities around the country.

Teacher Appreciation Pot Luck Lunch, May 11th

Please help show our amazing Teachers and Staff how much we appreciate all that they do with a Taco Bar Potluck Lunch:


Spring Update from your PTSA

Welcome back from Spring Break-     

We’ve got quite a few items to get out to our members, it’s a busy Spring.
First off, we are looking for new executive board members for 2018-19 school year.  Look, we know your eyes just glazed over and are starting to scan the rest of this email to see what other info might be in here but please take a minute to hear us out.  Many of you took a break from the PTA after elementary school.  We get it.  Wow, those elementary days were busy.  The kids needed everything done for them and those teachers, man, did they have their hands full.  But now, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The kids have almost made it, they get themselves up, breakfast(maybe) and to school, they don’t really need us as much. And really, they don’t want us around any way.  BUT, they still need you. Teachers, still need support, in some ways more than in elementary school.  Our PTSA provides this support and makes a lot of things happen with a pretty small budget.  However, we MUST have an executive board (President, Vice President, Co-Treasures and Secretary) to be able be to distribute any funds or to do any other business that the students and staff rely on.  All of us on the board work outside the home, full and/or part time.  We all have busy lives with our kids and all of their activities.  If we can do it, you can do it. And really, it’s not hard.  Learn some new things, have fun and make new friends!
What we need!  You! Okay, besides that, we need:
1. President, or Co-Presidents: 2 yr term.  Board meetings every month (we do a social in Dec. and in June) And a minim of four General Membership Meetings a school year.  Currently, we hold a Welcome Back Meeting in Sept., a Resources  Meeting in October, College Info Night in November, Safety Meeting in January or February, and our final Meeting in May. There is a requirement for at least one training session from the State PTSA, but this can be an evening meeting or an online session.  Kristin Arvidson, current President is “graduating” after serving 2 1/2 yrs as President, it is crucial to fill this role.
2. Vice President: 1-2yr term (1 year if taking over Presidents role) same meeting requirements as above.  This position is currently open.
3. Secretary: 2 yr term, same meeting requirements as above.  Current Secretary, Nicole Sipila, has served her two year term and will be taking over the PTSA Co-Chair Position for the Annual CSI Auction.
4. Treasurers apprentice: 1 year term with the intention of taking over the position (2 yr term) We have Co-Treasures, Katherine Machel & Michelle Gaither, who are just finishing year one of a two year term.  It would be best practice to have another Treasurer learning the ropes before taking over the position in the 2019-20 school year.
Besides executive board positions, we are in search of two more co-chairs for the annual auction.  One person to represent Sealth Athletics and another to represent the DSPA.  We’ll be planning through the summer for our November event.
Please consider taking one of these very important positions.  Your kids and community need you.  
Send any inquires to 
Speaking of Auctions!  There are still spots available for the CSI Ladies Margarita Party on Cico de Mayo.  Last Party at Kristin Arvidson’s house.  $30, goes to the PTSA and you get a great evening with other Sealth ladies, hand made margaritas and snacks provided by your hosts, Kristin Arvidson and Nicole Sipila.  Please join us! for more information and to get yourself on the list.
Music Night Out!  Saturday, April 28th, starting at 5:30.  Tickets are still available at
We are still in need of day of event set up, evening volunteers and clean up help.  Please contact Danielle Slota at, if you can help in any way on the 28th!
Also, we could use a few more desserts!  Email Nicole Sipila at if you can bake or buy a fabulous dessert to be use during the Dessert Dash! Did you know that between Denny and Sealth, the Music/Performing Arts Program serves over 300 students?  Help support these amazing students.
Do you have a student in IB?  
 A mandatory meeting will be held in the auditorium during mentorship on Friday April 20th !  Go directly to the auditorium for mentorship thisFriday, April 20th if you are taking ANY IB exams! You will be given VITAL information about exams and how to retrieve your scores and about how to get your scores sent to college. BE THERE. IT’S MANDATORY!  From: Cairns, Teresa L
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming.  May 7th – 11th.  Can you help?  Work has started on planning some really nice events to show our amazing teachers how much we appreciate all the work that they do for our students.  If you’re interested in finding ways to help, please contact Bonnie Gilbert at
Cyber Safety!  The Denny PTSA has invited us to their April 25th meeting, 7pm, the topic will be Cyber Safety. Want to know more about musically? Snap Chat? Sexting? Cyber-bulling?  Please join them in the Denny library.    

Lastly, we’d like to send a huge shout out and thank you to Marination!  What a great evening of Dine Out for Sealth we had back in February!  Please make sure to tell them Thank You, the next time your down on the waterfront.  
Thanks and Roll Hawks!

Board and General Meetings of 2021-22 School Year

2021-22 CSI PTSA Meetings

Board Meetings, held monthly, and typically on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month.

All invited to attend; only board members will be voting on agenda items.  To be added to the agenda please contact the board at least a week before the next meeting date,

2021                                                              2022

Sept                                                               Jan                                                     

Oct.                                                                Feb.  tba

Nov.                                                               March, tba

Dec.                                                              April,  tba

                                                                     May,  tba

                                                                     June, tba

General Meetings.  General membership meetings are held on campus, typically in the Confucius Center Classroom.  Meetings are open to all, whether a member or not, but only paid members may vote on items from the agenda.  To become a member please go to the PTSA Web site at

To be added to the agenda of a general membership meeting, please advise at least a week before meeting,

2021-22 General Meetings

,Sept.  tbd 7pm  = Welcome Meeting, Voting on Board Members & Budget.  Meet and greet with Administration & Staff.

Oct. tbd 7pm, 

Nov. tbd 7pm, if needed  

No Meeting in December

Jan.  Safety Meeting location to be determined

Feb.  if needed

March  if needed

April  Preliminary Budget, and recruiting of officers for the 2020-21 yr

May  Last General Meeting of the year.  Voting on budget and officers

June Meeting held if needed


Denny PTSA General Meetings: Second Wednesdays

Meetings tbd

DSPA Meetings:

Meeting tbd


Townhall with Mayor Durkan, on Gun Safety 3/8 6:30

This Thursday, March 8th, Mayor Jenny Durkan will join with Seattle students, parents, community leaders and public health officials at Chief Sealth International High School for a Town Hall on Students Stopping Gun Violence moderated by KING 5’s Natalie Brand and KUOW’s Ross Reynolds.

All Chief Sealth students, parents, and faculty are invited to join and have conversation about how we can fight together for commonsense gun safety laws that protect our City, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our students.

When: Thursday, March 8th, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Who: Seattle area students, parents, educators, community advocates and organizations, and public health officials

Where: Chief Sealth International High School Auditorium’