2018 Chief Sealth Grad Night


This event is run by the Class of 2018 Parents.  Can you volunteer? If there are no parents willing to spearhead this event, it will be cancelled. Email chiefsealthptsa@gmail.com for more information.


What is Grad Night? This event has traditionally taken place after the graduation ceremony in June. Grad Night keeps our graduates safe on what is statistically one of the most dangerous and tragic nights for our young people. This event is put on by the parent volunteers for a drug and alcohol-free chance to have one last night together as a Class before heading out into the world. After the graduation ceremony, your now CSI Alumni will board the buses at the school and head off to top secret locations for an entertaining, all-night party. To return the next morning, tired but content that the class of 2018 will be starting their new journeys, safe.



Students — This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to party like you never have before! Come experience unique entertainment and activities that you might not ever get the chance to experience again., with ALL of your friends! Food, fun, entertainment and transportation are provided. Any ideas you might come up with to celebrate with your friends on graduation night…the usual spots, the usual stuff..(so boring) you can do that stuff anytime! This party only happens once and everyone will be there…DON’T MISS IT!

Parents — This is our chance to knock the socks off of our graduates and really honor them for the fantastic feat of getting through high school! It’s all in the rear-view mirror and this will be the first chance to really let go and just revel in the moment. Students will be wowed by unique and extraordinary entertainment that will completely out-do any of the usual stuff they would otherwise be doing a night like this. This is going to be an awesome night. Grad Night keeps our graduates safe on what is statistically one of the most dangerous and tragic nights for many young people. This event is a drug and alcohol-free chance to party big, without having to worry about consequences or regrets!


Please drop kids off at the High School at 10pm. Permission/Waiver forms need to be signed in order for the graduates to load the bus (by the parent or guardian if under 18). Permission forms are available in the schools front office. We will also have these available at check-in which will be in the Performing Arts Center. Buses will be arriving back at the school at approximately 2:45am for graduates to be picked up. Any questions, please contact Katie Zang at (206) 354-6451.