Principal’s Weekly Update Wk of 1/4/2021


Greetings Chief Sealth Families,

Happy new year!  Welcome to 2021!  I wish you all a glorious, fabulous and exciting year.  2021 will be a year of hope and growth.

I look forward to the fulfillment of promises made and promise kept.  Our staff promised to take care of your students and we will continue to do so.  Rest assured that our seniors will graduate in June, and they will leave us wiser and empowered with a resilience that has been sharpened by the restrictions and sacrifices forced on them by the pandemic.  Our Freshmen will meet their teachers face to face, and the rest of our students will return to school with a broader sense of self and their purpose in this world.  As you know, we have vowed to change the outcomes for students who are furthest removed from educational justice by addressing the patterns that lead to low achievement. Please trust us, reach out to us and tell us about your student.  Also, if you are in need of help with food or other basic needs, please reach out to us.  We have a small bucket of funds available to offer help to our families.This week, we will get back into the groove of remote learning.  We are preparing for the end of the semester in a few weeks, so check in with teachers and counselors to ensure that your student’s grade reflect their best work.  We also have lots of free tutoring available so just let us know.  City Year is here to provide social time and fun events.  Reach out to them.  Chief Sealth is your school.  Let’s work together to make it great.

Thank you for sending your children to Chief Sealth.  2021 is going to be a great year to be a Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Principal – Chief Sealth International High School.


Saludos, Familias de Chief Sealth,

¡Feliz año nuevo! ¡Bienvenido al 2021! Les deseo a todos un año glorioso, fabuloso y emocionante. 2021 será un año de esperanza y crecimiento.

Espero el cumplimiento de las promesas hechas y las promesas cumplidas. Nuestro personal prometió cuidar a sus estudiantes y continuaremos haciéndolo. Tenga la seguridad de que nuestros estudiantes de último año se graduarán en junio y nos dejarán más sabios y empoderados con una capacidad de recuperación que se ha agudizado por las restricciones y los sacrificios que les impuso la pandemia. Nuestros estudiantes de primer año se encontrarán con sus maestros cara a cara, y el resto de nuestros estudiantes regresarán a la escuela con un sentido más amplio de sí mismos y su propósito en este mundo. Como saben, nos hemos comprometido a cambiar los resultados para los estudiantes que están más alejados de la justicia educativa al abordar los patrones que conducen a un bajo rendimiento. Por favor confíe en nosotros, comuníquese con nosotros y cuéntenos sobre su estudiante. Además, si necesita ayuda con alimentos u otras necesidades básicas, comuníquese con nosotros. Tenemos un pequeno fondo para ayudar nuestras familias, 

Gracias por enviar a sus hijos a Chief Sealth. ¡2021 será un gran año para ser un Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, directora Chief Sealth International High School

Screening of film “Screenagers, Next Chapter”

Cheers to the 2021-22 School Year

Your PTSA is super excited to be back and energized to be a part of supporting our scholars get the most they can from Chief Sealth Int. HS.  We’ve got a new principal, Mr. Morales and we are looking forward to working with him and his staff in the next year.If you’d like to be a part of our small but mighty group of volunteers please contact us at chiefse…

Please consider becoming a member of your CSI PTSA.  Please go to the Chief Sealth web page at  The membership sign up is the first button on the right hand side.  ( We charge an extra dollar for memberships online to off set our PayPal fees.)
This is the primary mass communication avenue for parents.  Our amazing ASB coordinator, Ms. Martin will use this platform to send out the Seahawk bulletin, which will have information on the happenings of the daily/weekly events at Sealth. 

School Supplies

CSI doesn’t have a school supply list.  There will be those items that your student will need every day but if anything specific is needed it will be communicated to you by the classroom teacher. Below is some ideas of typical everyday items that would be good to bring first day.

Backpack or other Bag to carry  course work

Pen/Pencils/Mechanical Pencil

An organization system to keep track of assignments (ex; three ring binder)

Composition Note books

Graphing Calculator for most math classes

For those families who are in need of financial assistance, there is the CSI Closet, which has a multitude of supplies for students who need them. It is located in the main hallway right hand side as you walk North, before the stairs to access the Galleria (cafeteria area) 

In this time of COVID, we are sure that if your able, your classroom teachers would  appreciate any extra supplies to mitigate the spread of germs within the classroom.  Wipes, tissues, extra paper masks and hand sanitizers are things that will be used over the course of the next school year.  Check in with your Childs specific classrooms teachers by email if your able to help in anyway. 

Your CSI PTSA Executive Board and Committees

Executive Board:

 Need to talk to a specific board/committee member?  Please email at chiefse… and we’ll get you in touch with them. 

President-    Shaughn FitzGerald    

Vice President-   Lacey Leavitt     

Secretary-   Stacey Harbour    

Co-Treasurer’s- Susan DeFant    

                          Michelle Gaither 

Membership-   Michelle McBreen 

Board Members:

 Teacher/Staff Representative-   Breanna Whited  

Co-BLT Representatives-   Alouise Urness   

                                           Nancy Sanabria     

Members at Large-    Motthida Chin  

                                   Bonnie Gilbert     

Communications Chair-   Nicole Sipila    

Chief Sealth Closet Coordinator-   Michelle Gaither  

Teacher Appreciation Chair-   Bonnie Gilbert  

Auction Chairs:  Virtual  Volunteers Needed-   Save the Date; Week of Nov. 15th, culminating in the Live Event on  Saturday, November 20th  

Representing PTSA – 

Representing DSPA-   Dawn Pomeroy  

Representing Athletics- 

Chief Sealth PTSA Calendar for 2021-22

Board Meetings- Open to all 

Board Meetings are typically on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 7pm, Location TBA and via Zoom      (Dates and times subject to change) 

  •   Sept. 14th, 2021
  •   Oct. 12th, 2021
  •   Nov. 9th, 2021
  •   Dec. 14th, 2021
  •   Jan. 14th, 2022
  •   Feb. 8th, 2022
  •   March 8th, 2022
  •   April 19th, 2022 (date due to Spring Break)
  •   May 10th, 2022
  •   June 14th, 2022

General Meetings- Open to all, must be a member to vote on agenda items

General Meetings are typically on the 3rd Tuesday, 7pm, Location TBA and via Zoom (Dates, time & Agenda subject to change)

  • Sept. 21st, 2021 Welcome Back Meeting  (now virtual due to SPS restrictions on group events within the school building, link to zoom meeting will be sent soon.)
  • Oct. 19th , 2021 College info night
  • Nov. 23rd 2021, IB and Running Start Program Info Night – Subject to change
  • Jan18th, 2022  TBD
  • Feb. 15th, 2022 TBD
  • March 15th, 2022 TBD
  • April 19th, 2022 TBD
  • May 17th, 2022 Upcoming Year Budget & Officers Election
  • June 14th , 2022 TBD

  Start of School Information Session

  • Join us for a Start of School Information Session on Monday, August 30, from 6-7pm. This session will be held on Teams Live. Link:  Sealth Back to School Info Session

Welcome Back Seahawks Day

  • Encourage your students to attend Welcome Back Seahawks Day on Tuesday, August 31. There will be tours for 9th and 10th graders led by Link Crew Leaders. This is an opportunity for students to get schedules, ORCA cards, free t-shirts, and check in with staff. Masks are required and we will be practicing social distancing.
    • 9th Graders – 9:00am – 10:00am
    • 10th Graders – 10:00am – 11:00am
    • 11th & 12th Graders – 11:00am – 12:00pm  


  • Mr. Labi: 9th grade and 10th – 12th last names beginning with the letter A
  • Ms. Thomas: 10th – 12th B-L including Running Start and Running Start – letter A
  • Mr. Rosen: 10th – 12th M-Z including Running Start


That’s all for now.  Hope to see you all soon as it is safe to hold a live meeting at the school.   Roll Hawks!

Your CSI PTSA BoardReply allReply to authorForward

SEALTH needs You

Volunteer for the Executive Board:

The list of needs a volunteer can fill is endless and the special talents of volunteers cannot be purchased. Every community has available talent and resources that will benefit the PTA and, in turn, the students. People will be more supportive of public education when asked to share some of their time as volunteers. A volunteer can be many things: a role model for students, an extra pair of hands to help teachers or staff, and a liaison between the school and community.  Volunteers can be executive board members, or fill additional positions such as legislative chair, BLT, outreach, support of students in need, auction and other fundraising or simply be available as needed for PTSA activities. 

Please contact Chief Sealth PTSA at

Outline of Executive Board Positions for Chief Sealth International (CSI) HS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and Requirements by State and National PTA organizations.

All CSI PTSA Board positions require the following;

·        Join CSI PTSA and pay membership free ( scholarships available for those in need)

·        Attend one Board Meeting per month during the year, July – June. 

·        Attend four General Meetings per year

·        Attend at least one WA State PTA training per board member, per year. (Many trainings available virtually)

President  & or Co Presidents                         Term:  2 years

·        Plan board meeting agendas and logistics

·        Plan general meeting agendas and logistics

·        Lead board and general meetings

·        Sign checks, documents and contracts  (Check signatory approval requires in-person registration at Bank of America)

Time commitment:  2 to 8 hours per Month depending on time of year, including meeting time.

Can be divided between two co-presidents. 

Reference:  Official Present/Vice President Washington State PTA Handbook- President-Handbook-2019-20-FINAL%20(1).pdf

Vice President           Term:  2 years

·        Work with the President and other board members to distribute email communications and other correspondence as it pertains to our CSI community.

·        Add members to GOOGLE groups to receive communication from CSI PTSA Gmail Acct

·        Run meetings in absence of President and/or Co-President. 

·        Support varying committees (e.g., Communications Chair, Fundraising, Teacher Appreciation).

·        Schedule/ensure PTSA representative at school functions (e.g., Multicultural Night, CSI Open Houses). 

·        Signatory on checking account.   (Signatory approval requires in-person registration at Bank of America)

 Time Commitment:  2 to 6 hours per Month depending on time of year, including meeting time. 

Treasurer (s)                         Term:  2 years   (This position can be held by co-Treasures)

·        Manage the budget and allocations to different programs. 

·        Pay bills, including writing and signing checks.   Two board members must sign each check.  (Check signatories must register in-person at Bank of America). 

·        Deposit checks payable to PTSA.

·        Track income and expenses in (online) Money Minder accounting software.

·        Pick up mail at school 2-4 times a month to ensure prompt deposit of checks, payment of bills, and forwarding of membership applications received by mail. 

·        Prior to each Board meeting, reconcile Money Minder to the bank statement, run the Treasurer’s report, and present the report and budget at meetings.

·        In October of each year, process the Washington State Annual report and the Federal 990-N postcard. 

·        Provide tax-receipts to donors contributing over $25 in donations. 

         Help set up and process the annual auction proceeds and run CC billing.  

         Over see at least one financial review a year to be in compliance with WA State PTA standing rules.

Time Commitment:  2 to 6 hours per month depending on time of year, including meeting time. 

Position can be divided between two co-treasurers, e.g., One handles mail, deposits and communications, and the other handles the bill payments, bank reconciliations, and reporting. 

Reference:  Official WA ST PTA Handbook 2020-2021-Treasurer-Handbook.pdf

Membership                       Term:  2 years

·        Work with board to recruit new membership and maintain current members.

·        Input new members into the Membership Planet Software.

Time commitment in fall (new members joining):  ~5 hours per month, including meeting time. 

Time commitment after members have signed up: ~2 hour per month, including meeting time. 

 Reference:  Official WA ST PTA

All PT(S)A must meet these requirements:

Who Can Be a Volunteer?

Working parents, stay-at-home parents, young adults, grandparents–basically anyone can be an invaluable PTA volunteer. The volunteer does not have to be a college graduate and can be young or middle-aged, work outside the home or within the home, or be retired.

What Skills Are Required?

While there is always a need for those with expertise in a given area such as communications, marketing, social media, legislation, etc., any volunteer with a desire to learn new skills who is willing to actively participate and follow through is welcome to submit an application.

Why Do People Volunteer?

Most people will volunteer because they have specifically been asked. And, of course, many will volunteer for fun and socialization.

In addition, many people volunteer with PTA to:

·        Feel needed

·        Learn something new

·        Explore a career

·        Get to know a community

·        Help someone

·        Gain a skill

·        Test themselves

·        Become an “insider”

·        Test leadership skills

·        Have a sense of purpose

·        Keep busy

·        Feel good

·        Have an impact

·        Be part of a team

·        Make new friends

·        Share a skill/talent

·        Gain status

·        Demonstrate commitment to a cause

·        Do one’s duty

·        Keep skills alive

·        Fill a gap

·        Have an excuse to do something they love

·        See that resources are well allocated

·        Be a watchdog

·        Because there is no one else to do it

·        Have an alternative to giving money

·        Take Action, It’s Time to Get Involved

Whatever your reasons for wanting to volunteer, we welcome any member to apply for an executive board or committee position, with the CSI PTSA.  

We welcome you.           We NEED you.       We promise you will have fun.

Contact us at:

Principal’s Weekly Message – 3/14/2021


Good Evening Chief Sealth Families,

I hope this first day of daylight savings for 2021 finds you all  in good health and spirits.  Spring is almost here.  We are indeed fortunate to live in an area full of scenic beauty. 

As you may have heard, Governor Inslee has ordered the reopening of all high schools by April 19th.  This means that we will soon get the wonderful opportunity to welcome our students back on campus before the end of the school year.  We are all excited! The second set of good news is that you can watch our incredible talented Mock Trial Team in action at the state competition this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please contact me if you would like to get the zoom link for these events.  

City Year invites students and the community to join their virtual spaces.  Please see their flyer here for details –New City Year Community Spaces Flyer (PDF).pdf 

Students and families can continue to come to the Denny side of campus for meals for the entire family.  You can pick up enough food for the day or for the week.  This service is available between 11:00 and 1:00 on school days.  Another way we at Chief Sealth can help during this stressful time is to provide financial help with food, utilities and limited help with rent.   Reach out to our social workers if you have a need.  Here is the link –

Season 2 of Sports is just over a month away,  All sports registration is online this year.  If your child wishes to participate in baseball, basketball, track, wrestling, tennis, boys swim & dive, girls fastpitch softball or boys soccer, please register them via the link on the Chief Sealth Athletics page on our website  We follow strict COVID-19 safety measures to ensure your student’s health while participating in sports.

The Anti-Bullying assembly will be held next week Friday.  We are looking forward to having big name guests like Magic Johnson, Dixie D’Amelio, Anthony Anderson and more as they present uplifting information and personal insight regarding self-advocacy and courage.  Your child can even enter for a chance to win an Xbox or $500 Visa gift card.  See the attached flyer for more information –AntiBullying Assembly.docx 

As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of our children and community, the district will continue to work with the teachers union to finalize the details about a safe return to school.  Stay tuned to the news and other communication sources for information as it develops.  We have missed our students and we look forward to their return. 

Please take care of yourselves, my friends.  It’s great to be a Seahawk!  

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Principal – Chief Sealth International High School


Buenas noches, familias de Chief Sealth,

Espero que este primer día de ahorro de luz diurna para 2021 los encuentre a todos con buena salud y ánimo. La primavera ya casi está aquí. De hecho, somos afortunados de vivir en un área llena de belleza escénica.

Como habrán escuchado, el gobernador Inslee ha ordenado la reapertura de todas las escuelas secundarias para el 19 de abril. Esto significa que pronto tendremos la maravillosa oportunidad de dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes al campus antes de que finalice el año escolar. ¡Estamos todos emocionados! La segunda buena noticia es que puede ver a nuestro increíble y talentoso equipo de prueba simulada en acción en la competencia estatal este jueves, viernes y sábado. Comuníquese conmigo si desea obtener el enlace de zoom para estos eventos.

City Year invita a los estudiantes y a la comunidad a unirse a sus espacios virtuales. Consulte su folleto aquí para obtener más detalles: New City Year Community Spaces Flyer (PDF).pdf 

Los estudiantes y las familias pueden continuar viniendo Denny al otro lado del campus para las comidas de toda la familia. Puede recoger suficiente comida para el día o la semana. Este servicio está disponible entre las 11:00 y la 1:00 todos los días escolares. Otra forma en que Chief Sealth podemos ayudar durante este momento estresante es brindar ayuda financiera con alimentos, servicios públicos y ayuda limitada con el alquiler. Comuníquese con nuestros trabajadores sociales si lo necesita. Aqui esta el link –

Falta poco más de un mes para la secunda sesion de deportes. Todos los registros deportivos están en línea este año. Si su hijo desea participar en béisbol, baloncesto, atletismo, lucha, tenis, natación para niños, softbol de lanzamiento rápido para niñas o fútbol para niños, regístrelo a través del enlace en la página de Chief Sealth Athletics en nuestro sitio web. . Seguimos estrictas medidas de seguridad COVID-19 para garantizar la salud de su estudiante mientras participa en deportes.

La asamblea Anti-Bullying se llevará a cabo el próximo viernes de la semana. Esperamos contar con invitados de renombre como Magic Johnson, Dixie D’Amelio, Anthony Anderson y más, ya que presentan información edificante y conocimientos personales sobre la autodefensa y el coraje. Su hijo puede incluso participar para tener la oportunidad de ganar una tarjeta de regalo Xbox o Visa de $500. Consulte el folleto adjunto para obtener más información. AntiBullying Assembly.docx 

A medida que continuamos dando prioridad a la salud y la seguridad de nuestros niños y la comunidad, el distrito continuará trabajando con el sindicato de maestros para ultimar los detalles sobre un regreso seguro a la escuela. Esté atento a las noticias y otras fuentes de comunicación para obtener información a medida que se desarrolle. Hemos extrañado a nuestros estudiantes y esperamos su regreso.

Por favor, cuídense, amigos míos. ¡Es gran ser un Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, directora – Chief Sealth International High School

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Seattle Public Schools provides equal educational and employment opportunities. Please click this link for more information: Notice of Nondiscrimination

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Principal’s Weekly Update – 3/7/2021


Hello Seahawk Community,

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Sunday in Seattle.  

Congratulations to the Chief Sealth Mock Trial Team for making it to the very competitive state level!  Because of their hard work, outstanding talent and dedication they scored in the top 24 teams out of 90 to earn a place at the state level.  This is indeed a great accomplishment and something to brag about, especially considering the limitations in meeting for practice due to COVID-19.  If you know a member of this outstanding team, please congratulate them and cheer them on to the next level. 

As you may know, our sports teams started practicing and competing last week.  We now look forward to the start of the return to in-person learning beginning specific students who receive intensive special education services on Thursday.  If your child is eligible for in-person services, you should have already been contacted by the district regarding the conditions for a safe return.  Please continue to monitor the news reports for updates.  The safety of students and staff continue to be the most important factor as we start the safe return to school.

We are now well into the 3rd quarter of school.  Students should have already registered for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please have your student log into the Source to check to make sure that their course requests were successfully submitted.  We will begin scheduling students into classes soon and all students without course requests will be enrolled in open classes that meet their graduation requirements.  As always, I encourage you to contact the school if you have questions or concerns.   

The Crew at City Year has revamped their virtual spaces to be more inviting and accommodating to the students.  Beginning Monday March 15th, City Year Community Spaces will have themes/topics with activities led by our wonderful Americorps members. The first set of themes/topics will be Computer Games, Arts and Crafts, and Podcasts/TED Talks.  The themes/topics will be switched every 3 weeks and we will be looking for student input on what themes/topics they would like to see offered.  Please see the attachment New City Year Community Spaces Flyer (PDF).pdf  for more information on this offering.

Chief Sealth is the recipient of funds from Amazon to provide help for our families during this difficult time.  However, these funds are very limited.  If you are in need, please reach out to us via this form – English: Request for Help  Spanish: Solicitud para Ayuda  You may also contact the West Seattle Food Bank for help with food, rent and utilities – or call 206-932-4357. Families are able to leave messages in different languages, and response time is about a week.

As we draw closer to Seattle’s beautiful spring weather, I wish you health and lots of sunshine.  

It’s great to be a Seahawk!!

Principal Fraser-Hammer – Chief Sealth International High School


Buenas Noches comunidad de Seahawk:

Espero que todos estén disfrutando de este hermoso domingo en Seattle.

¡Felicitaciones al equipo jefe de prueba simulada de Sealth por llegar al nivel estatal! Debido a su arduo trabajo, talento sobresaliente y dedicación, se ubicaron entre los 24 mejores equipos de 90 para ganarse un lugar a nivel estatal. De hecho, este es un gran logro y algo de lo que presumir, especialmente considerando las limitaciones debidas a COVID-19. Si conoce a un miembro de este destacado equipo, felicítelo y anímelo al siguiente nivel.

Como sabrá, nuestros equipos deportivos comenzaron a practicar y competir la semana pasada. Ahora, esperamos con ansias el regreso al aprendizaje en persona el 11 de marzo para estudiantes específicos que reciben servicios intensivos de educación especial. Continúe monitoreando los informes de noticias para obtener actualizaciones. La seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal sigue siendo el factor más importante a medida que comenzamos el regreso seguro a la escuela.

Ahora estamos en el tercer trimestre de la escuela. Estudiantes ya debería haberse registrado para el 202 1 -202 2 año escolar. Por favor tiene su estudiante inicie sesión en la fuente para verificar para asegurarse de que sus solicitudes de cursos se hayan enviado correctamente. Pronto comenzaremos a programar a los estudiantes en clases y todos los estudiantes sin solicitudes de cursos se inscribirán en clases abiertas que cumplan con los requisitos de graduación. Como siempre, yo te animo a comuníquese con la escuela si tienes preguntas o inquietudes.

El personal de City Year ha renovado sus espacios virtuales para que sean más atractivos y acogedores para los estudiantes. A partir del lunes 15 de marzo, City Year Community Spaces tendrá temas / temas con actividades dirigidas por nuestros maravillosos miembros de Americorps. El primer conjunto de temas/tópicos será Juegos de computadora, Artes y manualidades y Podcasts / TED Talks. Los temas se cambiarán cada 3 semanas y buscaremos la opinión de los estudiantes sobre qué tema /tópicos les gustaría que se ofrezcan. Consulte el folleto adjunto para obtener más información sobre esta oferta – New City Year Community Spaces Flyer (PDF).pdf  

Chief Sealth es el receptor de fondos de Amazon para brindar ayuda a nuestras familias durante este momento difícil. Sin embargo, estos fondos son muy limitados. Si lo necesita, comuníquese con nosotros a través de este formulario: Inglés: Solicitud de ayuda Español: Solicitud para Ayuda.  También puede comunicarse con West Seattle Food Bank para obtener ayuda con los alimentos, el alquiler y los servicios públicos. www. o llame al 206-932-4357. Las familias pueden dejar mensajes en diferentes idiomas y el tiempo de respuesta es de aproximadamente una semana.

A medida que nos acercamos al hermoso clima primaveral de Seattle, te deseo salud y mucho sol.

¡Es gran ser un Seahawk!

Directora Fraser-Hammer –  Chief Sealth International High School

Principal’s Weekly Update – 2/21/2021


Good Evening Seahawk Community,

I hope that you had an enjoyable mid-winter break.  We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to a full week of remote learning starting tomorrow.  As always, we are focused on academic excellence and attendance, so please make sure your child logs into Schoology every day, on time and ready to learn.  

There will be an informational meeting for students interested in participating in the Running Start Program this Thursday.  Parents and guardians can also attend.  Here is the link to the live event which will start at 6:00 PM this Thursday 2/25 – Running Start Info Meeting

I am looking forward to this week’s Principal Cafe.  Please join me for conversation about school.  I specifically would like to hear your opinions about reopening schools as we continue to confront the coronavirus and about the effects the pandemic has been having on your students.  I am sure there are lessons we can learn from you that will inform our work.  Here is the link to join me at 7:00 this Thursday 2/25 – Principal’s Cafe .  

Also on Thursday 2/25, the Seattle Seahawks are teaming up with a company called Electronic Arts to invite all young people to a Black History Month conversation focused on diversity in careers and the art of dreaming bigger. Their goal is to encourage Black students and others who are underrepresented in STEM careers to see themselves in these spaces.  Here is the link to get information about the event – Event Page.  If you would like your child to attend this live event which starts at 11:30 on 2/25, please use This Link to register.  

If you are the parent of a senior, I’d like you to know that we are in the process of planning the graduation ceremony which is scheduled to be held on June 14, 2021 at 5:00.  Although the details have not been solidified, we want to make it as ceremonial and celebratory as possible.  Please feel free to share ideas with me.  Here is some other news for seniors – the SPS Board has recognized the barriers caused by the statewide health and safety restrictions and have remove this year’s service learning graduation requirement for all seniors.  There have also been some credit waiver allowances announced by the state due to the pandemic, so students should speak to their counselors to ensure that they will meet graduation requirements.  The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) has been cancelled and college admission procedures are being modified to reflect this change in requirement.  I encourage all seniors to consult with our partners – TRIO, UW Upward Bound, College Possible Washington, UW STEMsub, Dream Project – about their college-ready transcripts and personal essays.  

Are you interested in joining a committee to review and update the mission and vision of our school?  We will meet no more than 4 times and our goal is to formulate statements that reflect who we are as an educational community and what we believe the role the school should play in educating our students and preparing them for life as Chief Sealth graduates.  Please fill out This Form if you are interested.  

Thank you so much for your continued partnership.  It’s great to be a Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Principal
Chief Sealth International High School


Buenas noches, comunidad de Seahawks,

Espero que hayan disfrutado de unas agradables vacaciones de invierno. Esperamos darles la bienvenida a todos los estudiantes a una semana completa de aprendizaje remoto a partir de mañana. Como siempre, estamos enfocados en la excelencia académica y la asistencia, así que asegúrese de que su hijo inicie sesión en Schoology todos los días, a tiempo y listo para aprender.

Habrá una reunión informativa para estudiantes interesados en participar en el Programa de Running Start este jueves . Los padres y tutores también pueden asistir. Aquí está el enlace al evento en vivo que comenzará en 6:00  PM. esta Jueves el 2 de febrero – Reunión de información de inicio en ejecución

Espero con ansias el Café Principal de esta semana. Únase a mí para conversar sobre la escuela. Específicamente, me gustaría escuchar sus opiniones sobre la reapertura de escuelas mientras continuamos enfrentando el coronavirus y sobre los efectos que la pandemia ha tenido en sus estudiantes. Estoy seguro de que hay lecciones que podemos aprender de usted que informarán nuestro trabajo. Aquí está el enlace para unirse a mí a las 7:00 esta Jueves 2 de febrero – Café de la director .

También el Jueves 2 de febrero,  los Seattle Seahawks se están asociando con una empresa llamada Electronic Arts para invitar a todos los jóvenes a una converconversación centrada en la diversidad en las carreras y el arte de soñar en grande. Su meta es para alentar a los estudiantes negros y a otras personas que están subrepresentadas en las carreras STEM a verse en estos espacios. Aquí está el enlace para obtener información sobre el evento: Página del evento . Si desea que su hijo asista a este evento en vivo que comienza a las 11:30 el 2 de febrero, utilice Este enlace  para registrarse.

Si eres el padre de un estudiante del ultimo año les gustaría informar que estamos en el proceso de planificación de la ceremonia de graduación que está programada para el 14 de junio de 2021 a las 5:00 PM. Aunque los detalles no se han solidificado, queremos que sea lo más ceremonial y festivo posible. No dude en compartir ideas conmigo. Aquí hay algunas otras noticias para los estudiantes de último año: la Junta de SPS ha reconocido las barreras causadas por las restricciones de salud y seguridad en todo el estado y ha eliminado el requisito de graduación de aprendizaje en servicio de este año para todos los estudiantes de último año. El estado también ha anunciado algunas exenciones de crédito debido a la pandemia, por lo que los estudiantes deben hablar con sus consejeros para asegurarse de que cumplan con los requisitos de graduación. La Prueba de Aptitud Académica (SAT) ha sido cancelada y los procedimientos de admisión a la universidad se están modificando para reflejar este cambio en el requisito. Animo a todos los estudiantes del último año a consultar con nuestros socios (TRIO, UW Upward Bound, College Possible Washington, UW STEMsub, Dream Project) sobre sus expedientes académicos y ensayos personales para la universidad.

Le interesa unirse a un comité para revisar y actualizar la misión y visión de nuestra escuela? No nos reuniremos más de 4 veces y nuestro objetivo es formular declaraciones que reflejen quiénes somos como comunidad educativa y cuál creemos que es el papel que debe desempeñar la escuela en la educación de nuestros estudiantes y en su preparación para la vida como graduados de Chief Sealth. Por favor complete Esta forma si está interesado.

Muchas gracias por su colaboración continuo. ¡Es gran ser un Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Directora
Chief Sealth International High School

CSI Mental Health Resources Padlet (digital bulletin board)

Principal’s Weekly Update – 1/17/2021


I hope you are enjoying this Sunday evening.  

Tomorrow we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and all schools are closed. 

The end of the semester is around the corner – only 10 days away.   However, there is still time to improve grades or conversely for grades to drop.  Please encourage all students to stay on task and persevere to the end.  Report cards will not be mailed home this semester but will be available online on the Source.  Information about this will be shared with you soon.  Remember that the lowest passing grade is a “C-“.  So, students who earn D’s and E’s will receive an “Incomplete” grade for the course.  They will have to make up these classes by demonstrating mastery in the content area in order to get credit and a passing grade.  It is not too late to make a plan with the teachers to demonstrate mastery.  Please see the end of semester bell schedule here – End of Semester 1 Schedule.pdf 

Students and parents/guardians will be able to view 2nd semester schedules on the Source starting on Wednesday afternoon.  Please review these schedules with your student.  If there are concerns with the classes, please let us know as soon as possible.  As always, all requests for corrections must satisfy the specific criteria in order to be considered.  Registration for 2021-2022 for all returning and incoming students will begin in February.

The Chief Sealth PTSA is having General meeting this Tues January 19.  This meeting will include invaluable information for parents about mental health issues, services and resources through the CSI social workers, teen health center, nurse and other community resources.  You are invited to this meeting which will be conducted via Zoom Tuesday at 7:00 PM.  You must register in advance for this meeting using this link – PTSA Meeting This Tuesday.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Chief Sealth will host a special event for prospective students and their parents who are interested in finding out more about what Chief Sealth has to offer.  If you know of any 8th graders or others who are wondering if Chief Sealth in the right place for them, let them know about this Prospective Student Open House on Thursday February 11th.

The deadline is fast approaching to submit a photo to the yearbook staff so your child can be featured in this year’s historic pandemic yearbook.  Submit a photo to this website-  .  Be sure to read the instructions before submitting your student’s photo.

The winners of the Attendance Matters Competition – Mr. Derseh’s and Ms. Hubert’s mentorship classes – can pick up their certificates and gift cards on Wednesday in the dive-thru.

The City of Seattle wants to pay for the first 2 years or more of your child’s college.  That’s right, and there are no strings attached.  The Seattle Promise Program offers free tuition to the graduates of Seattle Public Schools.  However, to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity, students must reach out to the Seattle Promise Outreach Specialist.  The deadline to sign up for this opportunity is February 1.

This is an exciting time at Chief Sealth.  We look forward to getting together some time in the near future to talk about our individual and collective journeys and to celebrate our successes.   

Have a great week, my friends!  It’s great to be a Seahawk!!

Aïda Fraser-Hammer, Principal -Chief Sealth International High School


Espero que disfrutes del tiempo con su familia este domingo.

Mañana celebramos el Día del Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. y todas las escuelas estarán cerradas.

El fin del semestre está a la vuelta de la esquina, a solo 10 días de distancia. Sin embargo, todavía hay tiempo para mejorar las calificaciones o, por el contrario, para que bajen. Anime a todos los estudiantes a permanecer concentrados y perseverar hasta el final. Las boletas de calificaciones no se enviarán por correo a casa este semestre, pero estarán disponibles en línea en la Fuente. La información sobre esto se compartirá con usted pronto. Recuerda que el la calificación más baja para aprobar es una “C-“. Entonces, los estudiantes que ganan D’s y E’s recibirán una calificación de “Incompleto” para el curso . Tendrán que recuperar estas clases demostrando dominio en el área de contenido para obtener crédito y una calificación aprobatoria. No es demasiado tarde para hacer un plan con los maestros para demostrar dominio. Consulte el horario de campana de fin de semestre aquí –  End of Semester 1 Schedule.pdf 

Los estudiantes y los padres / tutores podrán ver los horarios del segundo semestrales en the Source a partir del miércoles por la tarde. Por favor revise estos horarios con su estudiante. Si hay inquietudes con las clases, háganoslo saber lo antes posible. Como siempre, todas las solicitudes de corrección deben satisfacer los criterios específicos para ser consideradas. Registracion para el ano 2021-2022 para todos los estudiantes que regresan y que ingresan comenzará en febrero.

El PTSA de Chief Sealth tendrá una reunión este martes 19 de enero. Esta reunión incluirá información invaluable para los padres sobre problemas de salud mental, servicios y recursos a través de los trabajadores sociales de CSI, el centro de salud para adolescentes, la enfermera y otros recursos comunitarios. Está invitado a esta reunión que se llevará a cabo a través de Zoom el martes a las 7:00 p.m. . Debe registrarse con anticipación para esta reunión utilizando este enlace: Reunión de PTSA este martes . Después de registrarse, recibirá un correo electrónico de confirmación con información sobre cómo unirse a la reunión.

Chief Sealth organizará un evento especial para los futuros estudiantes y sus padres que estén interesados en saber más sobre lo que Chief Sealth tiene para ofrecer. Si conoce alguno de grado 8 u otras personas que se pregunten si Chief Sealth está en el lugar adecuado para ellos, hágales saber sobre esto casa abierta para futuros estudiantes el jueves 11 de febrero .

Se acerca rápidamente la fecha límite para enviar una foto al anuario personal para que su hijo pueda aparecer en el anuario histórico de la pandemia de este año. Envíe una foto a este sitio web . Asegúrese de leer las instrucciones antes de enviar la foto de su estudiante.

Los ganadores de la competencia Attendance Matters, las clases de tutoría del Sr. Derseh y la Sra. Hubert, pueden recoger sus certificados y tarjetas de regalo el miércoles en el dive-thru.

La ciudad de Seattle quiere pagar los primeros 2 años o más de la universidad de su hijo. Eso es correcto, y no hay condiciones. los Promesa de Seattle El programa ofrece matrícula gratuita a los graduados de las Escuelas Públicas de Seattle. Sin embargo, para aprovechar esta tremenda oportunidad, los estudiantes deben acercarse al Especialista en extensión de Seattle Promise . La fecha límite para inscribirse en esta oportunidad es el 1 de febrero.

Este es un momento emocionante en Chief Sealth. Esperamos reunirnos en algún momento en el futuro cercano para hablar sobre nuestros viajes individuales y colectivos y celebrar nuestros éxitos.

¡Que tengan una gran semana, amigos! ¡¡Es gran ser un Seahawk !!

Aïda Fraser-Hammer, Directora –  Chief Sealth International High School
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Principal’s Weekly Update – 1/10/2021


Hello Seahawks,

The new year is well on its way at Chief Sealth.  The focus is on strengthening our effective teaching strategies as we end the semester on Wednesday January 27th.  All students in danger of receiving an incomplete grade for any class are encouraged to talk to their teachers this week to find out how to raise their grade.   Teachers should be reaching out to you regarding intervention plans for these students  and partnering with you to develop a plan that works for your child.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s progress, you can send them to me by filling out this form –  Request for Communication from School Personnel

If you are in need of help with basic needs, please fill out this simple form –  Needs Request Form     Version en espanol: – Solicitud de Necesidades  Thank you for placing your trust in us and thank you for being an awesome supportive community.  

Next Monday January 18 is the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.  We will adjust the remote learning schedule to accommodate the loss in time due to the holiday and the end of semester break.  We will have a special schedule for next week and the week following.  Here is the schedule – End of Semester 1 Schedule

Congratulations to the students in Mr. Derseh’s and Ms. Hubert’s Mentorship classes.  They are the winners of the 9th grade Attendance Matters Competition.  The winning classes averaged more than 96% overall attendance over the 2-week span in December.  These students will get their prizes soon.  If your child’s Mentorship class did not win, no worries.  We plan to expand the Attendance Matters Competition to all grade levels soon.  Please encourage your student to attend class every day.  They can be winners because Attendance Matters!

As some of you may have heard, Chief Sealth is revamping its course offerings with a focus on equitable access to challenging content in non-honors classes. Please complete a short survey to share your input to help guide us as we explore this topic for implementation next year. Here is the link to the  SURVEY It should take no more than 2 minutes. 

As I close this message today, I want to thank you all for your continued support of Chief Sealth.  Together we make this a strong community devoted to our students.  We remain steadfast in our commitment to educational equity, eliminating opportunity gaps and ensuring educational excellence for each and every student.  

I wish you joy, peace and continued hope for a bright future.  

Have a great week.  It’s great to be a Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Principal
Chief Sealth International High School


Hola Seahawks,

El año nuevo está en camino en Chief Sealth. El enfoque está en fortalecer nuestras estrategias de enseñanza efectivas al finalizar el semestre el miércoles 27 de enero. Se anima a todos los estudiantes en peligro de recibir una calificación incompleta en cualquier clase a que hablen con sus maestros esta semana para saber cómo mejorar su calificación. Los maestros deben comunicarse con usted con respecto a los planes de intervención para estos estudiantes y colaborar con usted para desarrollar un plan que funcione para su hijo. Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes sobre el progreso de su estudiante, puede enviármelas completando este formulario: Solicitud de comunicación del personal escolar

Si necesita ayuda con sus necesidades básicas, complete este sencillo formulario:Solicitud de Necesidades Gracias por depositar su confianza en nosotros y gracias por ser una comunidad de apoyo increíble.

El próximo lunes 18 de enero es el feriado de Martin Luther King Jr. Ajustaremos el horario de aprendizaje remoto para acomodar la pérdida de tiempo debido este dia libre y dia libre al final del semestre. Tendremos un horario especial para la próxima semana y la semana siguiente. Aquí está el horario: Horario de fin de semestre 1

Felicitaciones a los estudiantes de las clases de tutoría del Sr. Derseh y la Sra. Hubert. Son los ganadores del 90 grado en la competencia Asistencia si importa. Las clases ganadoras promediaron más del 96% de asistencia general durante el lapso de 2 semanas en diciembre. Estos estudiantes recibirán sus premios pronto. Si la clase de mentoría de su hijo no ganó, no se preocupe. Planeamos expandir la Competencia de Asistencia a todos los niveles pronto. Anime a su hijo a asistir a clases todos los días. Pueden ser ganadores porque La asistencia si importa !

Como algunos de ustedes habrán escuchado, Chief Sealth está renovando sus ofertas de cursos con un enfoque en el acceso equitativo a contenido desafiante en clases que no son de honores. Complete una breve encuesta para compartir sus comentarios y guiarnos mientras exploramos este tema para implementarlo el próximo año. Aquí está el enlace –   ENCUESTA . No debería tomar más de 2 minutos.

Al cerrar este mensaje hoy, quiero agradecerles a todos por su continuo apoyo a Chief Sealth. Juntos hacemos de esta una comunidad sólida dedicada a nuestros estudiantes. Seguimos firmes en nuestro compromiso con la equidad educativa, eliminando las brechas de oportunidades y asegurando la excelencia educativa para cada uno de los estudiantes.

Les deseo alegría, paz y la esperanza continua de un futuro brillante.

Que tengas una buena semana. ¡Es gran ser un Seahawk!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Directora
Chief Sealth International High School

Nov. CSI PTSA General Meeting, Tuesday 16th, 7pm via Teams